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We offer Podiatry care for all your foot care needs. As Podiatrists we are trained in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the feet and lower limbs. If you are concerned about your feet or not sure if Podiatry can help, then feel free to chat to us and we can advise what would be the best solution for you.



Orthotic devices are specially manufactured insoles that fit inside your shoes to help stabilise and align your foot during everyday activities, such as walking. Our orthotic devices are custom designed and made using a combination of at least 20 different material choices and numerous design options.



Be assured that Feet in Motion are committed to not only making you more comfortable, but also finding a long term solution to the issue that is causing your foot problem. We are trained to diagnose and treat foot and foot related issues, and to prevent ongoing problems.

At Feet in Motion Podiatry we are passionate about feet

Because every step should be a great one. It is our commitment to you that we will find a solution to your foot problem. We will customise a treatment plan for you and your feet to achieve maximum foot performance.

At Feet in Motion, feet are what we do and who we are. With over 20 years experience in providing podiatry care to the community, let us help you to take the best step forward. Life is busy. We want to help you stay at your best. To do this you need to have comfortable and well functioning feet.

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If you are not sure if Podiatry can help, you are welcome to attend the Feet in Motion clinic for advice. There is no obligation if you decide not to proceed with treatment. Call 9986 3254 to schedule a time and ask for a FREE ASSESSMENT appointment time.